Yesterday's Heroes

by Harvey Andrews



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Well they've opened a shop at the end of our street
And old Jack says "Our kid, it's a hard one to beat
Us old 'uns are queuin' and dancin' our jigs
To buy yesterday's bread, they once fed to the pigs"

'Cos yesterday's gone and yesterday's heroes
Are queuing for yesterday's bread!

"It's only half price for the old staley loaves
And Jack's there in the queue with some right funny coves
There's Harry the bag man who fought in Korea
And he spends what he saves on a half pint of beer."

"There's bargees like Jack, worked the cut through the war
And got little reward for the hardships they bore
A Heinkel machine gunned his narrowboat twice
Killed his wife, then his horse, freedom comes with a price."

So Jack gets his loaves and he says "See yer soon
'Ave you 'eard the news, we're all over the moon
They're planning a new shop to give us a treat
The the cats and the dogs, won't get yesterdays's meat!"
Harvey Andrews wrote 'Yesterdays Bread' based on a newspaper clipping report of a shop opening to sell stale bread to pensioners. He wrote additional verses for Keepers Lock, especially for inclusion in their album 'Memories'.

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