Winter Will Take Me Away

by Phil Underwood



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Six inch of ice, four feet of snow
Boats locked in the cut, no place to go
No work for the men, no food for the kids
Winter will take me away

I lie in my cabin, I shiver and shake
No wood for the stove, no fire can I make
I try to get warm but I'm failing, I quake
Winter will take me away

Once a young boatman so proud and so bold
My loved passed away, now I am old
My toes and my fingers are stiff with the cold
Winter will take me away

Autumn a far distant memory long gone
Spring a far distant hope will not come
I shall not hear the cuckoo, nor feel the warm sun
Winter will take me away
Winter will take me today

I'd like to thank Phil Underwood for giving me permission to reproduce his lyrics and use this recording of him singing this song. It was recorded in 2017 as one of The Narrowboat Sessions which is a non-profit making project helping to raise money for Cancer Research. Phil is a playwright/musician who tours two canal based shows : Roses and Castles and Canals of Old England which are well worth looking out for.