A Windlass and Memories

Words Dusty MilIer, Music Dave Illingworth ( 2002)






The old Cookes windlass that hangs by the door
No longer shines as it did once before
When it was used ev'ry day and polished by hand,
And the boats carried freight o'er the length of the land.

The flowers on the cans are now faded and chipped
And on the hand bowl that cut water once dipped,
Carried on the roof of the cabin on high,
Now sit in the corner both empty and dry.

The plates on the shelf that are now standing still
No longer jingle as boats nudge the cill
As they hung from ribbons in the cabin so warm
Now adorn the walls of a brick built home.

On the mantle stand photos in antique gilt frames,
Faces are faded but remembered are names.
Of Great Aunt Rose and Two Boat Joe,
Generations of boaters from long, long ago.

Polished brasses gleam in the glow of fire light
Cannot compare to how they shone so bright
In the sun when toiling a long weary course,
Proudly displayed on the faithful boat horse.

The old Cookes windlass, the brasses and plates
Stir thoughts of good times and old boating mates.
All that is left of a life that is gone
Time passes by but the memories live on.

From the repertoire of DPN+1, this was kindly supplied by Dusty Miller.