Wild rOver

by Martin Ludgate (2001)



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I've been working at Over for over a year
And I've spent all my money on plant-hire and beer
But now it's becoming a real Severn bore
So I never will work down at Over no more

And it's no, nay, never
No, nay, never no more
Will I work down at Over
No, never, no more

I went into a hire-shop I used to frequent
And I told the assistant my dumper was bent
I asked her to fix it, she answered me " nay,
You've f*cked all our dumpers - now please go away!"

I phoned David Penny, to ask him for help
And she shot out the door with a terrified yelp
She said "Take all our dumpers, our diggers as well,
And our pumps and our gennies, and just go to h*ll!"

I'll go back to Mike Palmer, and tell him "It's done
Please send us to Droitwich, we've heard that it's fun"
And if he won't let me, I'll give him what for
'Cos I never will work down at Over no more

From the "New" Navvies Song Book produced by the Waterway Recovery Group in 2003. This song was first performed at the 2002 IWA National Festival in Huddersfield.

A pdf of the songbook can be found here.