The Lock-keeper's Daughter

by Bob Thomas and Huw Pudner



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I remember the barge
on the old Neath Canal
Where we hauled coal for a living
Through the Lamb and Flag Lock
To the Giants Grave Dock
When the winters were unforgiving
From Resolven to Neath
We'd float down the vale
South past the ponds of the Melyn
Old Ned would pull slow
We were heavy and low
And the Irish women were yellin'

We'd fill up the barge
With the coal from the yard
She'd weigh down low in the water
But in sunshine or cold
I would make bold
And I'd kiss the lockkeeper's daughter

And it was on to the dock
By the Giant's Grave wharf
Where the coal was piled high on the quay
A coal ship on the tide
At anchor would ride
And sail off down to the sea


She was fiery and free
Just right for me
Her father would not have consented
But we tumbled and played
In the sweet month of May
By December he had relented
I made her my wife
We lived a good life
Had children to the number of three
Two girls and a boy
All our pride and joy
The lockkeepers daughter and me

Chorus x 2