The Legger's Song

by Sue Lee



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When you're working through a tunnel - in the dark!
And there isn't any light - not a spark!
But you legs it anyway
All without the light of day
Charging one-and-six each way - in the dark!

I'm a legger through the tunnels - in the dark!
It's a proper kinda job - not a lark
But it isn't any fun,
When you cannot see the Sun
And you're legging thirty ton - in the dark!

There are goblins, trolls and boggitts - in the dark!
I believes all people say - I must remark
So I keeps me eyes shut tight
So I do not get a fright
Seeing ghosts done up in white - in the dark!

I've worked all me life in tunnels - in the dark!
Couldn't do that sort of job - some do remark
But I likes me work I say
Legging twenty boats a day
And I saves me hard earned pay - in the dark!

There are tunnels wide and narra' - in the dark!
There are tunnels long and short in which we work
Some with paths on which you wends in
Some with dirty great big bends in
Some what never 'as no ends in - in the dark!
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