The Bargee


© Legless Productions/Bridge Music 1974
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Aye hard is the life of the lowly bargee                    
Aye hard for the kids and for Mary
From Willenhall and Tipton through Brum and Dudley
Yes life is hard for Jonesy.

Oh the coal it is black and the iron so cold
To the Earls and the owners tis fine pure gold
To the mine or the wharf or the factory gate
To meet the deadline and not be late.

Aye hard is the life etc.

Fair Helen with roses adorning her bows
The Maiden with chimneys a streaming
Long Sal’s new rudder and freshly cast bell
With Jonesy softly singing.

Aye hard is the life etc.

Too soon iron rails to the Midlands will come
And life on the water will surely be done
My son not a boatman but landsman will be
The end of the man they call the bargee.

Aye hard is the life etc.

Song written and performed by “Giggetty” from the 1974 vinyl album “Dawn to Dusk in the Black Country” now digitally re- mastered and available from Thanks go to Brian Langtry for providing the lyrics, chords and sound file.

Recorded on :

dawn to dusk