Sammy's Gone to War

by Sue Lee



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O' Sammy, O' Sammy your regiments leavin'
And going I know not where
As you marched off this mornin'
With the roll sergeant callin'
You set off on a wing and a prayer!

Chorus :
Government orders! and Ministry's orders!
They tell us that we must obey
Cargoes they give us, without no provisions
And then we must be underway

For the days are all long, with no whistle or song
Now to the fightin' you've gone
But for us there's no ending
Our boats still need tending
And we have to keep going on!

With our butty and boat, if we stay afloat
We'll tie up in 'Brum' by the mornin'
But with the bombs overhead
We could all wind up dead
For the kids and meself I'm a 'fearin'

I'd send you a letter, t'would make me feel better
To write how I miss you so sorely
But it's no use we said
For you cannot read
And I write, as you know, very poorly!

O' Sammy O' Sammy for you I am grievin'
I never have felt so alone!
All my love I am sending
Praying this war is endin'
As I wait for the day you come home
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