Roving Navvy

Ian Woods


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Me name is Geordie Thompson, I'm a man of high renown
Known all along the cut and in the nearby town
A gallon of ale, two pounds of beef, I have every day
So when me work is finished, it's a half crown for me pay

Chorus :
So it's ..
Dig boys, load boys, ... then haul away
Digging up the cut, me lads, up Manchester way

I've cut the turf for many a mile and shovelled up the dirt
I've picked me way through frozen earth wrapped up in me shirt
I've laboured 'neath the burning sun, digging out the clay
To trim away the levels all along the waterway

I've had me share of randies, you can tell that by me scars
I've done me share of porter drinking in the public bars
I've laboured mortal drunk on a cold October's day
And staggered till I nearly fell into the waterway

I've had me share of women in many a shanty town
'Cos I reckon if I can chat to 'em, I can always bed 'em down
But if I could live me life again this I'd always say
A roving navvy I would be along the waterway
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