Our Josh

by Sue Lee



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Oh our Josh he were a lovely lad
Never did no one no wrong
He was up with the lark each morning
With a whistle and a song
I remember him so clearly now
As if it were yesterday
With his hands in his pockets and head held high
As the Army marched him away!

Oh our Josh he were a lovely lad
A better lad you couldn't know
He was helpful and kind and happy
And all of us loved him so!
Tho' the work was hard and the hours long
He'd always find time to play
With the rest of us kids in our family
At the end of each working day

Oh our Josh he were a lovely lad
All the boat lasses said so
And tho' they tried hard to court him
He just didn't want to know!
For his first love was always for animals
He'd watch them for hours at play
And nothing would please him or give more delight
Than working boat horses each day

Oh our Josh he were a lovely lad
And he did not want to go
As he marched up the cut that mornin'
To where, we did not know
They said he's gone to Flanders now
Away across the sea
But all we have to remember him by
Is a bloody red poppy!
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