Operation Working Party

by Ann Penny


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Each Saturday and Sunday
Come sunshine rain or snow
They turn up with their shovels
And find out where to go
Now once they’ve got a task to do
They work at it all day
Seldom stopping for a break
And working without pay

They tidy up the towpath
So’s it will be one day
A place a horse could walk on
Without tripping on his way
Lift tree trunks from the cutting
Dig out the sludge and silt
To try and make this old canal
As good as when t’was built

A lot more willing helpers
Are what we really need
If we want to try and open
Our canal with any speed
So if anyone can spare the time
Please come and join the crowd
And soon the Thames and Severn
Will really do us proud
This was originally a poem by Ann Penny of the Stroudwater, Thames and Severn Canal Trust. It is sung to the hymn tune 'Aurelia' (The Church's One Foundation) on the Pumpkin Pie recording. Volunteer labour has made a significant contribution to the restoration of the inland waterways with the Waterways Recovery Group (WRG) at the forefront. Its volunteers have made their canal song contributions; some of which can be found in a WRG Songbook.

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