On the Level

by Ian H Bruce (2007)



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On our journey through life, there is pleasure and strife
Fresh challenges for us each day
Like a voyage on a boat, we must all stay afloat
Whatever fate flings in our way

Chorus :
When your journeyís been tough, thereís temptation enough
To dance to the tunes of the devil
But with boat beneath feet, all your problems retreat
When you float with your friends on the level

Macís depth can deceive, round obstructions we weave
Being grounded can cause much displeasure
But with comrades who'll tow from a watery plateau
We delight as each turn reveals treasure

Up the cruel Cheshire flight, you may pity our plight
Each lock-gate a potential impasse
Every paddle seems stuck, so we curse our bad luck
And give thanks for good friends and their windlass

If your lamp starts to fade in the Harecastle shade
You just hope that the tunnelís not haunted
If you follow their light, with your friends youíll unite
And emerge from the darkness undaunted

So now donít drift along, heed the words of this song
Guide lifeís tiller with a firm steady hand
Always journey with friends through the cuts, locks and bends
'Til together we set feet on dry land
Dedicated to those members of the North Cheshire Cruising Club who have not lost sight of the fact that boating should be a pleasurable activity, particularly when experienced in the company of others.
'On the Level' is the title of a book about the 'History and Development of the Upper Levels of the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals' written by Dennis Suleman. Dennis was a prominent member of the IWA in the north-west of England and of the NCCC.