No Use For Him

by Eric Bogle



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Me father was a number one, he worked hard all his life
Defensive of the way we lived and never out of strife
He called no man his master and very few his friend
A proud and stiff necked man he was, who would neither bow nor bend
But they broke him in the end, when they'd no use for him!

Chorus :
Well they took away his job, when they'd no use for him any more
After nearly fifty years they kicked him out the door
But they let him keep his waterway jacket, overcoat and cap
And a pension of nine bob a week, he was lucky to get that!
But they broke his heart for sure, when they'd no use for him any more

I spent most of me childhood days on England's old canals
Working on me father's boats, me and him were real good pals
Winding windlass handles, heaving lock gates to and fro
Loading boat and butty, never knowing where we'd go
But they broke his heart I know, when they'd no use for him!

How I loved those misty mornings then, getting up when it was dark
We'd slip our moorings silently so the dogs wouldn't even bark
Out in every weather, the wind, the rain, the snow
Working hard from dawn to dusk never caring where we'd go
But he died inside I know, when they'd no use for him!

Now when he was sixty five years old, they handed him his cards
Narrowboats he'd worked on all his life so to him it did prove hard
For they took away his way of life, his pride, his joy, his home
The boat and butty were all he had, canals were all he'd known
Condemned no more to roam ... they had no use for him!
The above is a modification of Eric Bogle's original song whose lyrics and music can be found here.

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