by Philip Gaston


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The canals and the bridges, the embankments and cuts
They blasted and dug with their sweat and their guts
They never drank water but whisky by pints
And the shanty towns rang with their songs and their fights

Navigator, navigator, rise up and be strong
The morning is here and there's work to be done
Take your pick and your shovel and the bold dynamite
For to shift a few tons of this earthly delight
Yes to shift a few tons of this earthly delight

They died in their hundreds no sign to mark where
Save the brass in the pocket of the entrepreneur
By landslide and rock blast they got buried so deep
That in death if not in life they'll have peace while they sleep

Their mark on this land is still seen and still laid
The way for a commerce where vast fortunes were made
The supply of an empire where the sun never set
Which is now deep in darkness, but the railway's there yet
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