The Lock-keepers Lament

Written by Brian Langtry
Copyright Bridge Music. All rights protected.







Oh it was sad boys sad and I miss the work I had
But I swear that in the years to come the boats will pass again

I've loaded coal and iron and grain and bricks and ale and cotton
An' I've let the lads through on the nod pretending I'd forgotten
I miss the nags but grew to love the diesels burbling song
An' now I'm told the works all done time to move along

Oh it was sad .....

I kept the lock near 40 years as mi father had before me
Lost mi brothers Paul and Sam fighting for the glory
Seen the railways huff and puff a creaming off the trade
Boatmen left high and dry now turning in their graves

Oh it was sad .....

Old Tom dropped by near every day spouting from the bible
An' Cirus comes to cadge a cuppa his feet under the table
The wife and I toiled dawn to dusk immune to all the cussin'
The old dog yelped played and rushed then flaked out on his cushion

Oh it was sad .....

Now everyone's forgotten the fishermen and the miners
The weavers and the hatters the dockers and book binders
The builders of the big ships typesetters and the spinners
To all the craftsmen of this land that truly made us winners

Oh it was sad .....

Lyrics, recording and video kindly provided by Brian Langtry who has written several excellent canal related songs which can be found on this website.