Loosin' my Blues Tonight

© Dusty Miller 2008






Well you've done me wrong but it won't be long
Till my blues are out of sight
For that big narrow boat is ready to go
Boatin' out of town tonight.

Feel the propeller turn, and the waters churn
And I'm off on the Shroppie line
She' sixty-two feet, there's new friends to meet
Rock and roll along on time.

You'll find me gone, ‘cause I'm pushin' on
 Keep the lock gates clear tonight
Women, wine and song you've done me wrong
Gonna loose my blues tonight.

I was out of town, you were foolin' around
You were ‘sposed to be my wife
Gonna start again, don't know where or when,
But tonight I'm changing my life.

It's good to see the cut side free
'Neath the moon and stars so bright
This old boat of mine just seems to know
I'll be loosin' my blues tonight.

Gonna loose my blues tonight,
Gonna loose my blues tonight.


From the repertoire of DPN+1, this was kindly supplied by Dusty Miller. This is another Slim inspired song although also sung by LK and TC-D. It’s on Slim Dusty 'Spirit of Australia' © 1979 EMI Australia. New words by Dusty Miller.