Up the Kennet and Avon

by John Mills and Norma King


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From Reading town to Bristol port
The canal it wends its way
Through lock gate, bridge and countryside
It's called the K & A

In days of old John Rennie bold, he did his level best,
To build a waterway which ran from London to the west
And for a century and a half the boaters worked their trade
Transporting gravel, salt and coal along the waterway

But then in 1950 on the 31st of May,
The boatmen found the lock-gates shut, the canal had had its day
Then no-one filled the stoppages and no-one dredged the pounds
They let the lock-gates fall to bits and let the canal run down

And so the Trust began its work to put the cut to right
Restoring locks and clearing pounds, they would not give up the fight
So one day soon we hope to see the boats pass by again
And long may live the K & A and the inland waterways
This song was written by 'Pumpkin Pie' to celebrate the re-opening of the Widcombe flight of locks on the Kennet and Avon canal at Bath.

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