Goodbye To The Canals

by Sue Lee



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Chorus :
So it's goodbye to the canals, the jolly old canals
Goodbye to our way of life and freedom
For the railway's comin' in, cuttin' prices, what a sin
Breakin' boatmen's hearts now that they don't need 'em

Where is me boat, me lovely painted boat?
That's been me family's home for generations
Well they sunk it in the pound, when the butty ran aground
Now I share a council flat with me relations

Where is me horse, me fine old chestnut horse?
Who pulled up the boats from here to Leighton
Ah sure he was gettin' thin as our profits they grew slim
Now he's kicking up his heels in horses' heaven

Where is the wharf, the whopping great big wharf?
Alongside canal at the junction
Well the cut it got filled in when they brought the dozers on
Now a supermarket car park is its function

Where is me wife, me dear old 'trouble and strife'?
Me life long friend, me mate, and me treasure
Well she met this sailor Joe and she left me don't you know
Now she's knitting socks for sailors just for pleasure

This appears to be the tune 'The Little Beggarman' which was also used for 'Here Come the Navvies' by Ian Campbell.

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