Fradley Junction Bound

by Ledbetter / Canal version by Miller






Iím Fradley Junction bound (Repeat)
Iím Fradley Junction bound (Repeat)
And if this boat donít stop and wind around
Iím Fradley Junction bound

Oh donít you leave me here Ö..
Standing by the weir Ö.
But if you must keep a-boating on
Then leave five quid for beer.

Cuts in a state,
And your locks are too
If you donít do something, British Waterways
Then I donít want you.

IWA they preached, ----
They passed their hat around ----
Saying come on you boaters leave your money to us,
Weíre Fradley Junction bound.

From the repertoire of DPN+1, this was kindly supplied by Dusty Miller.