Following Olga to Lynn

by Paul Eady



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I help crew a tank barge, Lizzie's her name,
We're following Enid, pulled on a stout chain
Now our holds were packed full down in Cambridge town

On Enid and Lizzie,
Gas water tank barges
Following Olga to Lynn

Our skipper is Edwards and a fine man is he
There's no better captain sailed off the salt sea
We're freshwater sailors on England's canals
On Enid and Lizzie ...

With a throb of her engine and smoke from her stack
Our tug floats us on to the Baits Bite lock
Then it's one by one and we all pass through
On Enid and Lizzie ...

There's smoke in the distance, it's Nellie for sure
Returning with Eric whose hold begs for more
Sometimes we will stop them for news and a jar
On Enid and Lizzie ...

Jack Lee is their skipper he's an awkward old clown
He'll stop at each alehouse when you want to get home
But when there's no hurry your tongue turns to stone
On Enid and Lizzie ...

Kings Lynn is in sight now and the week is worn through
It's back to our families for good home made stew
And we'll eat no more smoke for a day or two
On Enid and Lizzie ...
On Enid and Lizzie ...

The song sample was recorded by Mark Dowding on his 2002 album 'Brown Photographs' (CRM 063). The CD is available from Mark Dowding's website. In the album sleeve notes it describes how Mark came across the song's author, Paul Eady, who had written many songs relating to the Fens and the surrounding countryside. It also states that 'This song is about two tank barges called Enid and Lizzie that were pulled by a motor boat called Olga on their journey from Cambridge to Kings Lynn taking Gas Water which was a by-product of the coke industry. Gas Water was full of ammonia and was processed to use as a fertiliser.'