Dig Boys Dig

Written by Brian Langtry and Ray Bradshaw

Copyright Bridge Music. All rights protected.







Dig boys dig, dig that stony ground
Dig boys dig, dig down down down
Dig boys dig gotta shift another ton
When the boss man blows his whistle shrill
Another shift is done

With shovel pick and barra boys I'll tell for what its worth
With blistered hands and tired back
We shift these tons of earth
We live in tents and sheds and huts in shanty towns beside the cut
And we find it hard to understand there was no promised land

Dig boys dig, etc.

In rain and sun and wind and sleet to earn another crust
Another blast another mile another hillside blown to dust
We pack the puddle pack it hard and we trample it well down
Another mile to reach the bridge and another turn around

Dig boys dig, etc.

When the diggings done mi lads we'll move on down the road
Another cut another mile another place to dig deep down
We flood the locks and blast the tunnels and we brag about the fights
We wake up with an aching head from another drunken night

Dig boys dig

Lyrics and recording kindly provided by Brian Langtry who has been touring a multi media show called “Coal and Canals” in 2018 and 2019. This is one of the songs written for this show