Castles and Roses

by John Harris (2017)



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Chorus :
[G]I'll paint you a castle, I'll [C]paint you a [G]rose
I'll paint you a cottage where [A]still water [D]flows
[G]A cottage with violets and a [C]small garden [G]too
[C]To spend all our [G]days - the [D]horse, me and [G]you

[G]No time to stop, we [C]work dawn to [G]dusk
The horse needs to rest but [A]push him we [D]must
[G]The kids take their turn to [C]lead or to [G]steer
[C]It's a life on the [G]water from their very [D]first [G]year


The horse will be resting, not toiling away
In a meadow of wild flowers the children will play
We'll sip old ale and live out our days
Grow our own foodstuff in old fashioned ways

Coda :
We have a dream both me and you
But it's only a painting, It'll never come true
My thanks to John Harris who wrote this song in 2017 for a show entitled "Coal & Canals". The recording features Anne Beeson on vocals backed by the Zouch Band.