The Brummagem Run

by Peter Dodds






By nature I’m a simple man, me name is Alfred Wain.
For Josher Fellows on the cut, me father made ‘is name.
Among the locks and narrerboats, ‘e reared ‘is only son.
Now in ‘is place I break my back – all on the Brummagem run.

A bob a ton is all yer get, so you must load ‘er high,
An’ though she’s gunn’els under boy, yer keep that cargo dry.
These Josher boats don’ pay yer much wi’ only twenty ton
I’d rather ‘ave a Severn boat – when on the Brummagem run.

Me ‘orse is old and I am tired, the boat lets water through.
But still another load I’ll tek, to earn a bob or two.
One day I’ll buy a Severn boat and be a Number One.
And bit farewell to Josher’s boats – and damn the Brummagem run.

Peter Dodds has kindly provided this song and notes. He states that it was a fairly late composition, written around 1980, which was sung around by 'Gasworks Revival' (Tony Gregory, Glyn Phillips and Peter).