The Bright New Future Song

by Sue Lee



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Now all the wars are over
And we are safe back home
It's back to work boys, do not shirk
Time's not stood still, it's flown
They said that wars would change our lives
Things would never be the same
Now we've found out what it's all about
By God they were right - to their shame

Chorus :
Look to the future lads
You must all lend a hand
To build a bright new future lads
In England's pleasant land!

Now I'm back on my bit a' cut
Working old England's canals
Tho' it's good to be back, enjoying the crack
I remember me comrades and pals
But the times they have all chang-ed now
And it's not for the better, I say
For we're on our own so we cannot moan!
There's no army to march us away

But what's become of the carrying trade
The cargoes, the boats and all
Now the number ones can't make ends meet
While the companies go up the wall!
Where are those carriers, boats and crew
Willow Wren and the G.C.C.C.
Thomas Clayton and Pickfords, the names we all knew
S.E. Barlow, the great F.M.C.?

First railways came to take our trade
Motor transport and brand new roads
Squeezing our profits before they're made
We could not compete with our loads
Their answer was to nationalise
Then they closed the canals and changed our lives
No bright future would ever come our way
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