I've Been Everywhere

by Geoff Mack / Dusty Miller






I was resting my tired feet by Chester Town locks
When along came a motor, from Western Point Docks,
If you’re going to Wolverhampton, mate, with me you can ride
So I jumped on the gun’le and stood there by his side.
He asked me, if I know how, would I please give him a hand.
I said "Listen mate, I’ve boated ev’ry cut in this land.

’Cause I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere man,
Had my wear and tear man, Even worked a pair man,
Of travels I’ve had my share man, I’ve been everywhere.

Solihull, Southall, Pelsall, Willington,
Tunstall, Walsall, Winkwell, Kidlington,
Brentford, Henesford, Stafford, Dudley Port,
Guildford, Watford, Longford, Ellesmere Port,
Bingley, Brierley, Autherley, Sawbridgeworth,
Curdworth, Lapworth, Batchworth, What’s it worth?

Droitwich, Nantwich, Middlewich, Darlaston,
Northwich, Norwich, Bloxwich, Atherstone
Weybridge, Putney Bridge, Bull’s Bridge, Lichfield,
Sowerby Bridge, Nell’s Bridge, Barbridge, Macclesfield,
Stourport, Stockport, Newport, Leamington,
Hatherton, Hurleston, Teddington, won’t be long.

Boston, Braunston, Foxton, Bournville,
Swarkeston, Somerton, Kingston, Ocker Hill,
Coseley, Coventry, Rugeley, Newark,
Teddesley, Shipley, Buckby, Selly Oak,
Saltisford, Shillingford, Stratford, Abingdon,
Todmorden, Caldon, London, nearly done.

Birmingham, Buckingham, Burslem, Preston Brook,
Denham, Nottingham, Evesham, Grindley Brook,
Banbury, Bunbury, Aylesbury, Blackwater,
Hawkesbury, Hanbury, Wednesbury, Bridgewater,
Brimscombe, Inglesham, Caversham, Mexborough,
Gainsborough, Peterborough, Wellingborough, there is no more.

An English canal version of a song which exists in many versions since its original creation.