Bargees March Away

by Sue Lee and John Meleady



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All you boatmen have a care
As you travel here and there
To earn your living with your boat and butty
For you are British too
And this war's being fought for you
So come on lads, stand up for King and Country!

So bargee's one and all
Come and answer to the call
Can you deny your country now she needs you?
Tho' you are scorned we know
And considered very low
In uniform, your mother wouldn't know you!

For we are worker's too
And have sweated just like you
But when this war's done, for us, life will be better
So leave your boats today
And with us march away
To fight the bloomin' armies of the Kaiser

So it's come on lads away!
And enlist with us today
You'll regret it if your name's not in this story
For it's to the front we go
It'll take a week or so
'Til we march home with medals and with Glory!
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